MyEclipse Web Services

MyEclipse includes enhanced support for Web Services. A Web Services project extends the MyEclipse Web Project to support additional web services configuration, development and deployment concerns. Features include:

  • RESTful Web Service wizards and explorers
  • Project and project creation wizard
  • Customizable library containers
  • New Web Services Wizard
  • Wizard to create Web Service Client from any WSDL file, local or remote (URL)
  • Deploy web-service web-app
  • Services .xml file editor
  • Java editor with JSR-181 annotation support and code-assist
  • WSDL editor
  • Web Services Explorer
  • Java hot-swap debug support & MyEclipse hot-sync web resource support for web services application
  • Quick-start documentation and example projects - will demo how to hook into MyEclipse database, Hibernate and Spring features for RAD experience


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