Download Protégé


Installing Protégé

Execute the file “install_protege.exe”


Execution of SWRL rules using the Jess rule engine

Copying “jess.jar” to the Protégé-OWL plugins subdirectory in the Protégé install directiory (i.e., that ./plugins/edu.stanford.smi.protegex.owl/)

Enable “jessTab” in project/configure



        Classes = Concepts

        Slots = Roles/Properties

        Facets = Role restrictions



        Defining classes in the ontology

        Arranging the classes in a taxonomic (subclass-superclass) hierarchy

        Defining slots and describing allowed values for these slots

        Filling the values for slots for instances










        add jess.jar to your CLASSPATH



Entering Jess Shell (command)

Java jess.Main

Entering Jess Shell (GUI)

Java jess.Console

        Executing the code in the file

                Java jess.Main hello.clp




 Tutorial for how to use Jess under Protégé


 Running Jess


 Installing Jess


 Download Jess


 How to use Protégé-Frames


 Developing an ontology includes:


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